Okinawa Global Academy             Opens on April 2019   

◆ 10-minute walking from Omoromachi
◆ Prepare your child to be a champion at self, locally and globally
◆ Progressive international curriculum, IB track
◆ Highly qualified and multinational teachers


Now Accepting Students   for S.Y. 2019-2020  

Early Learning Center(ELC)

Capacity: Maximum of 25 students per grade level 

  • 2-3 years old (who has turned 2 years of age by April of the year of entry)
  • 3-4 years old (who has turned 3 years of age by April of the year of entry)
  • 4-5 years old (who has turned 4 years of age by April of the year of entry)
  • 5-6 years old (who has turned 5 years of age by April of the year of entry)

OGA's Early Learning Center is the second home of children age 2-6. It is a place where their love for wonder will be cultivated and be used as a tool to express themselves in their different languages of learning. It is through curiosity, inquiry, joy, play and creativity that-- will help develop awareness of self and of others and the skills they needed towards achieving learning goals, and will expose them to participate positively in different social situations. OGA's ELC curriculum aims to further provide learning experiences that are geared to help prepare these young learners for elementary school education. These learning experiences may include music, sculpture, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, stories, poems and a lot more. Each classroom will have a well-experienced and licensed Early Childhood English native teacher and a Japanese bilingual teacher. Our youngest age group will have an additional Teacher Assistant.


Capacity: Maximum of 15 students per grade level

At OGA, we aim for our students to become engaged learners and who will look forward to going to school every day. It is a home for our Elementary students that provides a positive learning environment by observing the developmental process of teaching and learning. Acknowledging the different needs of our students, will help our teachers plan, design and implement learning opportunities that will effectively make our students see learning at school meaningful.
At OGA, we value the wholeness of a child in all areas of learning. Students are provided with a wide variety of opportunities for developing creativity, critical thinking, linguistic and artistic capabilities. Through these avenues, we invite students not just to become simple learners but as catalysts for positive social transformation, wherein they will see learning as an opportunity to take action in the many problems our world is facing.
Each class will have a well-experienced and licensed English native teacher who will be teaming up with a Japanese bilingual teacher.
With the school's full commitment to education, Okinawa Global Academy aims to extend further by providing middle school and high school programs in the coming years.

Annual School Tuition Fee

Enrollment fee


Tuition fee(Preschool/Kindergarten)

Tuition fee(Elementary)



                   Application                                    Scholarship program provided for exemption of enrollment fee and School environment fee                                                                                                         ※ Applicants should pass admission test and interview.

Now Recruiting!

Kindergarten/Elementary teachers 

Additional benefit for Bilingual Teachers/IB Experienced teachers

Kindergarten/Pre-School teachers

Base Salary:250K JPY -

※ Insurance, Working VISA and housing etc.

※ Need: Kindergarten/Pre-school certification

Elementary teachers

Base Salary:300K JPY -

※ Insurance, Working VISA and housing etc.

※ Need: Elementary certification

Early Learning Center (ELC) Teachers* Need:
  • At least 3 years of teaching experience in Early Childhood
  • Licensed Teacher in Early Childhood/Bachelor in Education

Elementary Teachers* Need:

  • At least 5 years of teaching experience
  • Licensed Teacher in Education
After-School Club Program Instructors * Programs:
  • Sports
  • Drama
  • Visual Arts/or Sculpture

Important Note: Okinawa Global Academy upholds a great responsibility to ensure every child's safety and welfare. And so, all applicants will be required to submit for a declaration suitability to work with/or around children.  

Please send your application form via 

Why Okinawa Global Academy ?

  • We aim to get authorized by the International Baccalaureate (IB) organization through establishing a well-rounded curriculum that respects developmental learning processes of children.
  • We aim to establish a bilingual education system that is holistic in nature. Our driving pillars aim to develop within students the strong communication skills, inquiry-driven minds, analytical, critical thinking and creative skills. 

Highly skilled teachers

Our ELC (Early Learning Center) to Elementary programs offer exposure to cultural diversity, immersion into the English language that best develop communication skills, and nurturing one's individuality through inquiry-based learning opportunities.

And so, OGA is committed to provide highly experienced teachers in the field, with different nationalities. Staff and Teachers will also undergo student protection trainings to uphold students' safety and welfare.

* Submit your comprehensive resume with a recent photo, and a cover letter (stating your teaching philosophy and how do you think students best learn). Send them to

Inquiry-Based Learning and Eclectic Approach to Education

Our educational system aims to lead our students into a more autonomous learning by promoting curiosity, wonder, joy and engagement. We believe that it is through inquiry-based learning and using the different approaches to learning that will greatly benefit students to become real life-long learners, and most importantly become active participants in the society within Okinawa, Japan and in the world.

Student Life

Situated in the commercialized part of Okinawa, Okinawa Global Academy tries its best to provide a conducive learning environment that will expose students to nature for them to play and explore around. The school settings will also promote the "principle of environment and spaces wherein the school premises will offer places for children and adults to research and live together".

We also have programs within our curriculum that emphasize movement and social interaction with kids within and across grade levels.

After-school club activities across disciplines such as sports, arts and dance will also become available.


Okinawa Global Academy


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